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White iPhone 4 making official debut tomorrow!

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64GB White iPhone 4 – out in the wild

The very notorious Apple leak blog Tinhte has a white iPhone 4. Now, this is not a conversion service nor a hoax but a legitimate white iPhone 4 from Apple themselves. It’s clearly shown in leaked videos that is a working iPhone 4, with the 64GB memory. Remember when Gizmodo got the BLACK iPhone 4 before it was released?

From Gizmodo's black iPhone 4.

From Tinhte's white iPhone 4.

Here is the videos containing the leaked white iPhone 4. (via Tinhte’s YouTube)

As you can see from both videos, iOS 4 was pretty sweet. Why the sudden change of heart, Apple? Also, is 64GB memory finally coming to ALL iOS devices?

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iOS 4.3.2 jailbreak released – Tethered, with PwnageTool


Quick how-to video HERE.

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White iPhone 4 in Verizon inventory? – 9to5mac claims with leaked photos

9to5mac has gotten a few photos showing a MC679 in their inventory. It’s obviously the white iPhone 4. The black is MC678, as well as with the iPad 2s. Photos after the break.

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Untethered iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak released (4/3/11)

On April 3, 2011 the iPhone DevTeam released their iOS 4.3.1 exploit via the latest redsn0w and PwnageTool updates. More info on our Apple Dev Seed page and JailbreakZone!

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(Update – Apple Dev Seed page updated to accomodate your jailbreaking needs! Click the above link for more! -B)

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[Review] iMac 27″ i3 w Mac OS X Snow Leopard – Bren’s take

After a few months of getting my first Mac, I am finally settled in with the 27″ of awesomeness in my office as well as Mac OS X. The operating system is gorgeous, and I sort of wish it could run on all computers. Like how Windows can just be boot camped. (Sorry Windows.) I bought the 27″ iMac with Adem (co-founder, OTS) on January 16th and since then, I have rarely gotten off of the thing. It’s completely gorgeous, and having such an elegant display is definetly a bonus. But I have run into a few problems, very minor though. I have ONE dead pixel. It’s really unnoticeable, due to the fact it’s in the upper right corner. But if you run through a fully black page, it’s noticeable. Not really a “problem”, but Mac users have experienced a dead pixel or two in their time of having it. Also, my iMac rarely lets me upload footage from my camera to the hard drive. (Sort of the reason there hasn’t been any videos from me in a while.) It keeps giving me an error that it wasn’t ejected properly and that I should try it again. It still seems to happen, and I have yet to find a fix. That’s about it to ANY problems I’ve had with my Mac. If you are planning to buy an iMac or any Mac in general, it’s a definite GO FOR IT. It may be a bit expensive if you look at the price, but you pay for quality. Once you have the device with you, you really realize it was definetly worth it, as with any Apple product.
So my final verdict is:

If you want to look at prices, you can do so here.

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Google developing app that can take a picture of your face, pull up your profile! – Mashable

(via Mashable) Google is working on a facial recognition mobile app that would allow users to snap a picture of a friend or new acquaintance — and then access his or her Google Profile contact information, according to multiple reports.

The as-yet-unnamed app is capable of grabbing a Google Profile user’s name, email address and phone number. The technology is also capable of accessing Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or other online photos and data.

Naturally, Google has to wrestle with the privacy implications. How do you harness the power of this technology while still allowing individuals to maintain some semblance of anonymity?

Right now, Google is working on an opt-in model. Google Profile users have to elect to participate, and they must explicitly give Google permission to use their profile data and picture. If they don’t, the photo app won’t recognize them.

Googler Hartmut Neven is in charge of the company’s image-recognition applications; his company, Neven Vision, was acquired by Google in 2006. He told CNN that people are right to be wary about this kind of technology.

“In particular, people will become worried and say, ‘Oh my God. Imagine this guy takes a picture of me in a bar, and then he knows my address just because somewhere on the Web there is an association of my address with my photo,’”.

“That’s a scary thought. So I think there is merit in finding a good route that makes the power of this technology available in a good way.”

The app makes use of Neven’s facial recognition technology, which is already being used in Picasa, Google’s photo-sharing application. And similar object-recognition technologies developed by Neven at his previous company are being used in Google Goggles.

Google’s balancing of high technology and human privacy has come under fire in recent months. Last fall, the company had to settle a privacy-related lawsuit when its social product, Google Buzz, shared personal data without user consent. And the company was subject to international scrutiny over Street View privacy violations; these issues came to a head when the FCC opened an investigation into the matter last November.

We’ll have to wait to see if Google can skirt privacy violations while still rolling out really interesting apps like this one. What’s your opinion on this app?

Info taken from Mashable

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